Monday, January 7, 2013

Post-holiday blues

Nothing says back to work after a good nice vacation like a good spell of the post-holiday blues. When I thought about going back to work yesterday all I could think was: ”Yuck!” The feeling that you have to do actual work again, and that the choice isn’t beach or pool, but lab or office. Not caipirinha or mojito but paper or grant. Yuck again. I have been complaining about this after every vacation I’ve been on, but only found out today that it’s actually a thing. According to WebMD you should set big goals to fight it off, like change your career (if that means become a professor, then yes please!), make more money (also yes please!), or plant a tree. I just made artificial cerebrospinal fluid to keep my slices in, does that count too?
That's me with BlueEyes on my back in flip flops with a palm tree in the back, just strolling.


  1. I've definitely got a strong case of post holiday blues... got back to the lab today after 2 weeks off.... and worked really hard for the first 6 hours... two more left and clearly I'm slacking because I'm reading blogs

  2. I fight them buy scoring on the post holiday sales. Silly I know, but it works a little, oh and making a big deal of Chinese New Year and remembering 3 day MLK weekend coming up soon, then vday and president's day long weekend and ....

    1. Yes! That sounds like a good way to survive January and February!

  3. Replies
    1. It's a Didymos Indio Primula size 3, tied in a ruck.

    2. it's lush - i love the colour :-) my favourit wrap at the moment is kokadi diorite stars...