Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A post-doc by any other name...

Sometimes I see people on LinkedIn change their profession from Post-doc to Research Associate. That always makes me laugh a little and until recently led me to think that those people had been a post-doc for too long, and therefore just gave it a different name. But that is not true, as I have recently discovered that Research Associate is actually a thing. Because yours truly is becoming one, which not only allows me to change my profession on LinkedIn, but also allows me to receive a substantial increase in pay (which then causes me to lose the daycare fellowship that we have, so not much of a net increase, but still).

The reason I am becoming a Research Associate is because only then can I be a co-investigator (is that the correct term?) on my PIs next R01 renewal, for which I have a lot of ideas and preliminary data. I have also been involved in setting up a successful collaboration that has led to these preliminary data. The deal will be that if we get the grant and I leave, I will be able to take my chunk of this money (which is nice, because since I’m not a citizen I am not allowed to apply for a lot of US funding). 

So this is all really nice, but of course in the end I’m still a post-doc; doing experiments, panicking about writing papers and trying to find free cookies (that’s a pretty accurate job description, right?).


  1. I'm still trying to find free cookies.

  2. Congratulations! I'm finding myself both very grateful I never went through the post-doc process (I highly recommend being shunted directly to PI), and also to be leaving the granted world behind as I move on to a hard-money position where I get to solve real-world problems and publish about them, rather than competing for grant money to do what I do.

  3. Congrats on the 'promotion' and best of luck with getting the grant!

  4. Congrats, that's good news.

    BTW, your postdoc job description sounds exactly like mine, especially the cookies.

  5. Congratulations! that sounds like a sweet deal!

  6. Congrats. Yeah postdoc is not quite a specific job so much as a state. Technically my title has changed as my funding source has. But I've always been a postdoc.