Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012: the year I started to blog

This year, I decided to start blogging for a number of reasons. First, I felt that I needed some more practice writing. English is not my first language and I felt it was a good exercise to try and write short, consistent pieces every now and then. Also, 2012 was the year in which my lab-buddy left our lab and that left me feeling kind of lonely in the lab. Not only did I sometimes feel like I was the only one who was doing work in the lab, but I was also the only one with a baby in the lab. I was great to realize that online there was a whole host of people who were hardworking post-docs or faculty with babies, and to read how they do things.

Following DrugMonkey’s example, here is my (almost) year of blogging (the first sentence of the first post of every month):

March: When I was pregnant, I would sometimes call my mom and wine a little about how sick I felt, how tired I was and how much I was panicking about how things would be with a baby.

April: Expressing breast milk; it’s probably the least sexy thing I do on a daily basis, but I do it, just like I brush my teeth and do the dishes at night.

May: Recently, there were a couple of articles in the news talking about how breast feeding is not free at all, because women who breastfeed longer than 6 months earn significantly less, even five years after their baby was born, compared to women who breastfeed shorter than 6 months or women who formula feed their infants.

June: As I said before, I like reading books about addiction, so when I read on twitter about this new book by Marc Lewis, a recovered addict turned neuroscientist, I immediately ordered it.

July: Last weekend we were on vacation in a cabin somewhere in the woods, which was already nice and calming by itself (well, aside from the storm, power outage and flat tire…).

August: When I started as a post-doc I felt that this was the period in which it needed to happen: get at least one high-impact paper.

September: My first guest post at the Scientopia Guest Blogge can be found here!

October: Ever since I watched Twin Peaks (which was only like six years ago) I love David Lynch' stuff.

November: For some reason the past week has been full of pessimistic (or realistic) remarks about how bleak the funding situation is.

December: Recently, it seemed like every conversation I had was about how hard it is to get grants and how little money there is for science.

Thanks everyone, for reading and commenting!!

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  1. I've enjoyed reading your blog this year! Also this 'year of blogging' thing is a great idea. I might do it too.