Thursday, February 21, 2013

What sequestration looks like to an ignorant foreigner.

Obama: We have to reduce the debt ceiling by saving some money here and there.

Republican: No

Obama: Like by increasing taxes here and there.

Republican: No way

Obama: Fine, then we’re going to cut money to research when we don’t reach an agreement before March 1st (or another date, cause we cause this kind of panic all the time) 

Republican: Fine, see if I care

Obama: Fine
What I think this conversation looks like. source
 But really, we should do something about it! And I still don't understand the whole sequestration thing, to be completely honest.


  1. What sequestration looks like as a grad student waiting to here from DoD fellowship programs:

    Yeah, we're going to have to make you wait until we know whether or not we actually have money to fund this program, so ignore all those dates we put on our website. Thanks... Oh, and this means we're probably not going to fund those grant proposals that would be paying you if you didn't get this...

    1. That sucks. I haven't even started to try and understand what this actually means for the lab I'm in.

  2. Grateful to be in Canada.... although things have been getting cut to the bare bones here too...I have 4 years left of funding before I have to go applying again and I'm already not looking forward to that.