Wednesday, October 10, 2012

To a conference in baby-detach mode

At last year’s SfN BlueEyes was still very little and portable, so I stuck him in a wrap and brought him with me on Saturday and Sunday. This year’s SfN is going to be the first time that I’ll be away from him for 5 (FIVE!!) nights. I don’t think I’ve ever had more ambivalent feelings about anything. On one hand I’m super excited to go to SfN, travel by myself without having to watch and entertain BlueEyes, see friends and science and be able to hang out, but on the other hand the idea of missing him is almost physically painful. And then there’s my worry whether Dr. BrownEyes is going to be okay taking care of BlueEyes by himself for five nights. At least the freezer is full of milk so I’m pretty sure they will be fine.

So, I’m very excited to go to SfN, mainly because it is in New Orleans this year. The last time that happened was just before I started as a graduate student, and the whole time in grad school I kept hearing all these awesome stories about SfN in NOLA, as the city is lovingly called. Back in grad school, going to SfN was a very big deal, first because it was so far away for us, and thus much more expensive to go, but also because my advisor only allowed us to go if we could present data from a paper that was already submitted somewhere, because he was always afraid we would get scooped at SfN.

So what else do you need to know? Doc Becca and Scicurious have excellent posts with tips for surviving SfN so I’m only going to add to that that what I usually do at SfN when I don’t know where to go is to stroll around the posters in the hopes of meeting people I know or unexpectedly seeing posters I’m interested in.

Also, RXNM has four posts about where to eat in NOLA, go check it out!

And my fellow blogger and electrophysiologist TheCellularScale is one of SfN’s neurobloggers, so go read there to hear all about the latest neuroscience.

And last but not least, this year is going to be my first time going to SfNBANTER!

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  1. ooh, 5 nights is a long time but think of all the FUN you could pack in there :) Enough to last you for a long time when you return! Late dinners, lots of wine, etc :D Have fun!