Friday, September 21, 2012

In case you were wondering…

Dear readers of my blog,
I love it that you read and comment on my blog and that I can ask you questions about science or life in general. I realize that I don’t always keep you informed about how things ended up, so here’s an update:

A while back I asked whether I should go for Lab A or B when I go back to the home country. I had already sort of made up my mind, but still felt that I should write down the pros and cons before making a ‘real’ decision. As expected, I choose Lab B. This morning, I called for an hour with Lab B PI and we talked about aims for the grant that I am submitting in January. I am so excited about these research plans! I am starting to pilot some things soon, so they can hopefully go in as preliminary data! Yay, science! 

Then you may wonder how things are with the experiment that has to work in order for me to be shared first author on this paper that I talked about. We’re still doing the experiments, but so far (two thirds of the way there) it looks promising! But keep crossing your fingers for me please!

And for those of you wondering why I haven’t been complaining about being tired on twitter lately: BlueEyes is finally sleeping a bit better. It was pretty bad when he had just started his new class in daycare a couple weeks ago, because he would wake up every 1-2 hours en instead of easily fall back asleep he would be awake for a couple of hours. Right now, he wakes up twice, only to nurse really short and fall back asleep immediately. Two years ago I would have laughed at myself saying that this is great, but it is. I feel relatively rested again!

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