Tuesday, May 21, 2013

On paid parental leave

I have argued before that it would be nice if post-docs would get paid maternity leave. I didn't realize then that this should be the case for the entire workforce. I didn't know that actually the US is one out of 8 countries in the world that do not have paid parental leave.
Here is an interesting infographic on all the benefits that paid parental leave has for both mom, dad and baby:


  1. yes, it's pretty abysmal in the US imho. I mean, it's sad that you are happy if you qualify for FMLA, which isn't paid. In my job I can get up to 16 weeks time off - and use all my vacation and sick leave I can get paid too. Only minor snafu..... you have to use it all so you have NOTHING left when you come back after 16 weeks (when your baby may or may not experience sick days). it's truly amazing they make it work somehow. 'coz i sure miss my Swedish leave that is more than Canada, and regulate at least 3 months for dads non negotioable for moms (then they split 12 months btw them how they want - most often mainly to the mom)

  2. The infographic is actually missing European countries with the longest leaves, e.g. Sweden (as chall mentioned) = 16 months, Slovenia = 1 year, Denmark = 1 year, UK = 39 weeks (the info above is wrong), etc. See here: