Monday, April 15, 2013

That tree in the forest

Analogous to that tree in the forest that falls without anyone hearing it: is it worse to have a grant submitted and then rejected or almost completely written and then NOT submitted because my PI decides that is a bad idea for reasons I cannot share here? To me, the second option feels worse.


  1. You can't even share in pseud blog? From what you say here, seems like a total bone head move. If you have anything close to a grant I would submit that puppy to anyone with the word, "grant" in their web site! Your time and effort is the most valuable commodity in the lab period. Do not waste that effort. Do SOMEthing with it. Review article? Institutional grant? SOMEthing!!!

    1. No, the effort won't be wasted; I'll definitely submit it elsewhere if we can indeed not submit it in this form, but it still sucks.

  2. The second one definitely feels worse, I think (having had both of these situations happen to me), but I think that saving that submission (and, more importantly, its subsequently only one resubmission [NIH]) opportunity is likely a very good thing. While it is true that at some point you just have to get a grant out the door and stop tweaking, getting it out in the right form seems pretty important.

  3. I do not understand how you can have a grant proposal which does not have the right 'form'. Isn't that the first thing one pays attention to when starting to write a proposal for a specific agency?