Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Things that make me sad and angry

In my homecountry, the country that was the first to allow same-sex marriage, obviously same-sex parents also care for foster children. These children either don't have parents that can take care of them, or the authorities have decided that their parents cannot take care of them for whatever reason. It's great that there are people that step in and lovingly care for these children. However, sometimes these foster children are Muslims, and their biological parents don't agree with the fact that same-sex parents take care of their children. And now it has gotten even worse, and an entire country (Turkey) has become involved (Here is an English article about it). It basically comes down to the fact that prime minister Erdogan from Turkey has promised to visit 2 lesbian moms that have a Turkish boy as their foster child to pressure them into giving up the care of this 9 year old boy. The parents and the boy are currently hiding. Sigh.


  1. argh. I keep hoping this stuff will change. IT doesn't.

  2. you know, in the US one of the senate people recently said that "adoptive/foster parents" are second best after 'a real family w biological children'. and that foster parents who are same sex are not counted among that since it's bad to put these vounarable (sp?!) children into such a bad situation.

    yeah. right. really.

    I get very tired that people don't seem to get over the fact that most adoptive parents, and foster parents, are caring for the children who otherwise don't have a family to stay with. the world of today....

    1. Indeed. We should applaud that they care for these children instead of make it so hard for them.