Thursday, March 15, 2012

I think I’m not that tired anymore

It’s hard to remember how it felt to be completely rested, but it seems like finally the fog of chronic sleep deprivation is lifting and I can think like a normal person again. That is a good thing, since I just accepted an invitation to write a review together with my thesis advisor about something that’s not even entirely my subject, but that does give us the opportunity to cite our own work again discuss the results of my thesis work in a slightly different light. 

My feeling for the past 8 months is best compared to the feeling that you get when you’re camping at a music festival (does that exist in the US? Probably. If not, see this or this for example). There’s so much fun, music, drinking, and happiness going on (and then I don’t just mean the chemical kind of happiness) that there’s not much time to sleep (or to brush your teeth), but you’re having a great time regardless. Living with a baby felt somewhat the same, but then without the music, the mud and the drinking. Still, despite that I have been more tired than ever in my life, I constantly had that feeling in the back of my mind that something happy and exciting was going on (except maybe for the first few weeks when I was mostly overwhelmed by the responsibility for a little person, and by all the hormones too probably). 

Before I had a baby I never realized that it would take such a long time to get a decent night of sleep again, because all those glossy baby magazines make you believe that your baby will sleep through the night by the time you have to go back to work. That probably happens for some, but definitely not for our baby.
One week old BlueEyes while he was asleep

So now you’re probably thinking: next week that awesome amount of sleep might be different (read: worse) again. Yes, probably, but I’m enjoying thinking with my rested brain while it lasts. And don’t I think I might be jinxing it by writing about how good we’re sleeping? Well, I hope not…..


  1. yes we have those, thinking burning man for best analogy. I was like a drug addict about sleep with my first child. Never enough, thought about it ALL the time. Both my kids didn't sleep through the night until I forced them to at 11 months because at that point Mama was on the verge

  2. At least you had another chance to work with your advisor. Some people actually dislike working with their advisor because of their experience when they were writing their thesis statement. Anyway, what happened to your review? I hope it went well and you had a lot of things to talk about with your advisor.